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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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fire. >> and the big gun going tonight, ready for the start of his life, tim hudson in the world series show down. >> and the storm system making a big impact on your weekend. >> and making a big impact on your friday commute, a car fire. >> we've got news across the bay covered for you this mornings a we take a live look outside. it's friday, october 24th. this is "today in the bay." >> a good friday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do begin with breaking news this morning. firefighters have called for backup to help them fight a large house fire burning in
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milpitas. >> and take a look from our chopper live at at&t. >> groomed and ready. 16-year veteran tim hudson will be making his first ever world series start going up against the stanford cardinal jeffrey guthrie. stephanie chuang is at willie mays plaza for the ultimate fan
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experience but we go live to at&t park. damien? >> reporter: laura, it feels like just yesterday when you and i were here for opening day. the bunting is up just like it was on opening day. the painted grass is here with the emblem of the world series logo. the mound is ready for today's first pitch here at at&t park. the team arrived from kansas city yesterday afternoon about 4:00 and they came right to at&t park, started hitting some balls and shagging some balls out in the park. a little disappointed that they lost game two. but they're a confident team. this would be their third world series title in about five years. they're ready for the game against the kansas city royals tonight. you see jeremy guthrie somewhat a local boy. he went to stanford university.
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we talked before about the starting pitcher on the giants side, tim hudson, but jeremy guthrie brings a unique experience here. >> i had two years in really all of the little pitching experience i had was kind of wiped away during those two years when i was 19, 20, 21 years old when i was living in spain. when i came back, they were able to mold them in a way they felt would help me be more effective in my delivery, be efficient. >> reporter: back to the giants rotation, they're in a little bit of trouble right now, unsure about a couple of pitchers, tim lincecum. and one of their relievers is in a little bit of hot water, just not getting the job done here in the world series. so it is up to the main staff here at at&t park, the pitching
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staff, to get it together and bring the giants fans a victory here tonight for game three of the world series. for now let's go outside the stadium with stephanie chuang. >> good morning to you, damien. you were reminiscing when the memories and the memorabilia. they authenticate things like baseballs to jerseys and even champagne bottles. mlb has a few pairs of eyeballs in that room watching for the champagne bottle and the cork and they put the official hologram on it. but this program started in 2001 after an investigation dubbed "operation bullpen" determined 75% of all signatures in the market across entertainment and sports were forgeries.
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>> it's a collectibles market. we had to create a program because we didn't want our fans to lose faith and trust in what they have. >> reporter: and the program also has a big charity component. mlb got three bases and throughout the regular season they put them in all 30 ballparks. they will be here for game four, the bases. they'll be auctioned off and the proceeds go to charity foreig ir city kids. coming up, when the bases were here at at&t park earlier this year, something very special happened and we'll tell you all about that coming up. >> keeping us on the edge of our seats. thank you, stephanie. >> are you still interested in going to tonight's game? we'll tell you how you can get your hands on two tickets fors a
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littles a $10. go to our web site and look for some cute face there is. show us your team spirit by e-mailing uss a well. -- as well. >> for the first pitch forecast and how things are going to shape up this week, a live picture of at&t park from our helicopter. let's send it over to rob mayeda. >> well, today's game, game three, is going to hear my. >> if it goes to the afternoon, we're going to see clouds until 5:00s a the clouds thicken up. patchy drizzle perhaps. game four could have some showers early on. s a we head toward sunday skies,
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it's clear. s a the system drops on in, we'll start to notice these changes after midnight tonight. s a we head towards tomorrow morning, we'll see the chance of the rain spreading over the bay area. for today warm temperatures, clouds arriving late in the day. there you see 5:00 the start of game four. may still have some showers around the bay area and things begin to dry out quickly . >> and coming up, we'll look at the increasing clouds at the start of game three. the temperatures much cooler and breezy, what you'd expect to see out at at&t park this time of year, those numbers in the 60s. back to you.
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>> we'll see if traffic could actually issue tonight. mike joins us right now. >> it with. >> you can see the smooth drive right now. no major problems on the span itself. you see interstate 80 coming off of the bridge, i circled at&t park. watch this, the surface routes very smooth right now but a lot of folks heading to the bay bridge, past the a bridge and stop the game for coming up. >> >> it is amazing, the approach toward the bay bridge.
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there's a car fire and they need a larger tow truck to remove the injury. surface street traffic of course. the rest of the bay moves pretty smoothly. either side of the bay we have trains that will take you south over here in santa clara we're going to get big slowing. consider those trains nearbys a options for getting around. a very light flow on 101, great american parkway, we know it will be a big issue for those areas. keep that in mind. >> but now we're warned. >> now you're warned. >> don't blame me. >> only the messenger.
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>> time right now is 6:09 on your friday. an update to breaking news. flames force a family to jump from a second story window from their house. we're live at the scene with more information right after the break. >> but first let's take a live look outside this morning. the glow about san bruno mountain this morning. more news ahead. it's 6:10. it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement.
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spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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at 6:12 right now, we're watching a little patchy fog. warm temperatures on the way.
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we're also tracking a weekend storm. i'll have a look at both in your forecast coming up. >> we're also tracking weekend games. but right now we're game for a drive. the big problem heading toward the toll plaza is highway 24 and that vehicle fire that's really jamming up traffic right now. an update coming up. >> and seven people are recovering from injuries this morning after a car smashed through a crowded restaurant in dublin. this happened during the dinner hour last night. witnesses say the driver was trying to reverse and do not. they do not know each other but are linked to seven fires set on the same day last month. >> and detectives say a woman
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asked to see some watches when a man walked in with a gun and ordered employees to the ground. >> we want to go back to the breaking news, the house fire in milpitas. we go live to the scene with new details. >> all right. unfortunately i don't think she's able to hear us right now. but we'll check back in with her in just a moment. >> indeed we will. we're going to move to a story in new york getting a lot of attention. a doctor in isolation this morning with a confirmed case of the ebola virus. this is not just a random case of ebola. the doctor.
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>> dr. preg. >> he rode the subways, went bowling with. >> according to the new york health department, dr. spencer reported those symptoms yesterday, a fever of 103, nausea and fatigue. within minutes a hazardous materials crew whisked him from his harlem home and to a manhattan hospital. his girl friend is in quarter teen and friends are monitoring themselves for symptoms. now ebola czar ron cane has been in touch with health officials.
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the person you're looking at here is the nbc cameraman who was once infected with ebola but who is now virus free. >> the average person on the street in america has no need to fear ebola. the people who do are the people who have the least access to what they need to survive. >> we'll hear more from ashoka mukpo this morning on the "today" show. he said he would go back to africa under the right circumstances but. >> and the hearing with the nurses from oakland on capitol hill, we're going to be hearing more. that starts up in about 14 minutes. >> we knew we'd start seeing this in charge cities. interesting to see how this
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unfolds. >> we'll look at that, our chop are flying high above at&t park. i think we're going to be free of the rain showers tonight, rob? >> at least from tonight. we're thinking a lot of wind and rain for game three. instead we'll be watching game four for the best chance of seeing showers. right now pretty mild temperatures outside. eventually on our way to 70s this afternoon. so first-pitch temperatures after 5:00 may be close to 70 degrees. but then we're going to see the clo
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cloud. >> theres a some good news. temperatures mostly in the 50s by lifetime. we'll see our valley temperatures approaching the mid 70s and then the high cloud late punching up right around time. pac-12 matchup out at levi stadium. we'll see those numbers cooling with more clouds and breezy conditions for the game. we do think the rain will hold off a little longer. we'll see the wind pick up and the rain starting to increase at any time.
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>> then more scattered showers. 6/ you can see those hours next to her and she transitions to a dryer forecast. transitions to scattered. >> some of the coastal hilltops could get north of that. livermore, mid 70s, year 80s. notice the slick twist of thunder. san jose and san francisco, similar trend here. and showers for the better part of saturday or sunday. >>. >> we're looking at a backup
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here at the bay bring tollplace a. this is not a problem once you get out of the maze. that's where you see the freeway. even 24 couldn't get just fine. walnut creek interchange still jammed and crews still have two lanes blocked, waiting for a lo larger tow truck. the surface streets have had about a half o o. sffrm the gradual slowdown starting. you see no big drama on the
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speed centers. reminded the giants team in the city ands a oregon talked about, our gone and call. back to you guys. >> will be. >> but the a's are making some news of their own. >> they've extended negotiations for another seven years. san jose still trying to win approval. the league set up a blue ribbon get into the matter. >>a chance to win a world experience of a lifetime.
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>> still ahead, how you can get some possible tickets for tonight's game. how about this, tickets for $10? >> sign us all up. >> that's right.
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>> if you are interested, you can buy tickets at the deadline is 8:00 a.m. >> wow, if you're feeling lucky -- >> and authenticating every they have. it's so interesting. we'll have complete giants game coverage coming up later in the newscast.
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>>s a i plan for my weekend, is it going to be nice weather for thursday and friday. >> today it's going to b be skbrfrm. sfrchlt. >> all right. we need the rain. >> yes, we do. >> a live look at the market coming up. >> and a new legal hurdle for oscar pistorius.
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>> tles a lo but don't you worry, that will change be. >> that's my husband.
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this case is sure to be a topic of discussion today where lawmakers will evaluate the u.s. response to ebola.
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another case here, tracie potts. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the house oversight committee wants to know is the u.s. prepared to deal with ebola? we've had one patient released, two others doing very well. while it seems like we were doing much better, now we have this new case in new york. lawmakers are asking is every hospital in this country ready to deal with this? you're taking a live look at that hearing now. s as it gets under way, you'll hear from the nurses union the other topic, troops, are they prepared and ready. these are engineers building hospitals. they're not dealing with patients but they still have to
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go through the training because they're going to be in the hot zahn. >> attacking ebola from many different angles this morning. thank you very much, tracie potts, out of washington. >> and there is an hotline toin. >> there are no confirmed cases of ef blah in california. our own kris sanchez is following the latest developments. and we'll have a report from the new york city hospital where the first new yorker -- oscar
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pistorius was sentenced to five years for killing his girl friend reeva steenkamp. >> and some rain arriving over the weekend. >> rob, do we have a bit of a break before we see more on saturday? >> we're actually going to get a pretty nice break during the day today. this time tomorrow morning you'll have the wind and rain coming back in. right now mostly 50s outside, 61 in san francisco. a little bit of your north story. a few spots moving out of the north bay approximately you'll see in.
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>> through the tri-valley, you'll see about a ten-degree drop. there's the area of low pressure that will track towards oregon. but this system will bring some wind to start and eventually rains a we head into tomorrow morning. fairly warm temperatures in the south bay. this time tomorrow 6:00 a.m., you're seeing the rain push through, daytime heating driving instability and hours. and game shot may be livermore
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seeing its numbers drown from 80 grand zion. >>s a we wrap up the weekend, partly cloudy and fairly cool,s a we headed to the start of n t next. it has a continuous bald because there's no. prch the sff sfchl -- we
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have a little brush here but these are typical. you see the san mateo bridge moving nicely. we did have a tow truck over at the bottom of your screen just after the toll plaza. they didn't make their way across the peninsula. but we did have an ins law enforcement psh . >> they'll help you out, they'll give you gas if you need it, get you out of the roadway.
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>> service with a smile. >> take a look at what is going on. the dow continuing its claim of the last few days. obviously we're only six minutes pair paired. >> announcer: get the news you want when you want it. >> developing news in the south bay tonight. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading
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we're still hours away from the big game but the fireworks are in force. none of the players were there because they were resting up but the giants brass helped welcome fans and the royals to town. a live look at at&t park right now. we have crews all over the ballpark this morning, in and out. we'll have team coverage coming up in about ten minutes. >> celebration or hopeful celebration there. here back in the south bay, one family will have to wait at least until sunday before they can drink their tap water. the water is contaminated with e. coli. officials think an animal might have crawled into a pipe but they're not sure how it
6:41 am
happened. >> the santa clara voted to censure one of their employees because of what they called bad behavior in office. members voted 5-1 to take the action against chris stampolis. he's been accused of harassing employees for years. parents and teachers wanted the board to force his resignation but legally they don't have that power. >> it is 6:41 right now on your friday morning. >> we have an update to breaking news. a south bay family jumps to safety from their burning home. >> and a car slams through a popular east bay restaurant at the height of the dinner rush. >> plus a live look outside of san jose. the sun making its way up out
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over the mountains there. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, weather and everything giants right after this break.
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>> announcer: you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> an early morning house fire leaves a family stranded on the roof, some of them forced to jump to safety. milpitas firefighters raced to set up ladders to help a mother, two kids and a grandmother. the grandmother has been hospitalized with burns. neighbors were evacuated from their homes as well as a precaution but crews managed to
6:45 am
contain those flames. this morning fire investigators will be at the scene trying to determine how it started. >> a new york city doctor is an ebola patient in isolation, his girl friend also in quarantine but officials say there's no need for public panic. the ripple effects it's having in washington, d.c. >> reporter: it's certainly creating a lively debate in washington, d.c. it's already the topic of a planned conference. the doctor worked directly with ebola patients in new guinea. the doctor rode the subway, went bowling, spent time with friends and yet the message is no need to panic. >> reporter: that is the message kris. they say there are only three people who need to be worried
6:46 am
about contracting ebola and that was his girl friend and two friends he went bowling with friday night. he's been back in the united states for about seven days. he'd been doing a stint with the aids group doctors without borders in new guinea in west africa. and now officials are trying to convince the public that everything should be status quo. the doctor woke um between 11 and 12:00, he developed a peefe of 103 degrees. a haz-mat crew arrived at his apartment in harlem. they dressed him up in a haz-mat suit and moved him here into bellevue hospital. the protocol has been set ups a
6:47 am
the fear of ebola spread here to the united states. health officials say nobody he came in contact with bowling should have any fear. he did express being tired, maybe fatigue, but he did not begin to get sick until the following morning and officials say that's when you need to be concerned. the centers for disease control is sending a team here to new york to watch as this patient is treated and hopefully recovers. >> thank you very much, chris. to clarify, the fever was 100.3 and initially it was reported as 103 and we know there's a big difference there.
6:48 am
and among the witnesses before the house committee on oversight and government reform will be nurses from the oakland bay national nurses united. they will help to answer questions about whether health care workers have been adequately trained and equipped. this case,s a chris malone mentioned, presents the first case for the new ebola czar. he has been in contact with officials. cdc workers are headed to new york, may have already landed to help monitor the treatment of the doctor. more information will be coming on the "today" show and also on our web site. >> a live look outside. look at the sun's arrival over the bay area. changes in the forecast as well but something we really need around here, rain. >> yes, we do need the rain. we'll hope the timing works out.
6:49 am
right now it's a bit of a slower timing, at least the rain we thought was going to come in late today. 48 degrees, patchy fog in the north bay, 61 degrees closer to san francisco. a look inside at that time at that time park this morning. our temperatures as we get into the afternoon, high pressure is holding strong at least for most of the day today, keeping our temperatures in the 70s around san jose. and we may approach close to 80 in the warmest spots close to doun downtown san jose. tri-valley, another one of the warm spots today, out by livermore upper 70s to low 80s. we're going to have clouds on the increase. same thing for oregon versus cal coming up at levi's stadium. the winds picking up out of the south and southeast, a little
6:50 am
unusual as that storm is approaching from the west. that's where the rain is now. this is a system offshore, giving us more clouds toward sunset and eventually rain picking up after midnight tonight into tomorrow. in the meantime, warm temperatures for today and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, that's when we think the winds will pick up out of the south and behind it cooler, unstable air, which can trigger some showers. that may be an issue for the game at 4:00. thens a t then as the game goes on, things will dry out. these are wind speeds tomorrow morning, about 25 to 30 mile-an-hour winds. yes, we will see gusts over the north bay and possibly east bay or peninsula hilltops. there is a slight chance you
6:51 am
might get brief thunder, too. a big drop in temperature, about ten degrees cooler tomorrow. in san jose we haves temperatures going from 78 today, upper 60s for your saturday with those showers and skies clear. temperatures staying a little bit cools a we wr as we wrap up weekend. >> wrapping it up for some. i want to show where folks are getting started with their day. traveling west over the san mateo bridges a you come off of 880. we're talking about the san mateo approach toward the dumbarton bridge, starts the commute to the peninsula side where the crowd is building there. the backup is he bay bridge toll plaza. maybe a slightly lighter volume of traffic which is starting to build. south out of pleasant hill
6:52 am
toward walnut creek, west 24 jams up. there's a crash just past pleasant hill road there. folks still held up here. all these other folks west heading over toward arunda. they'll have the build now. for the rest of your day, your northbound route, no real drama. typical pattern. same thing for 101 from capital expressway all the way to the airport. another crash. we've been having one each morning about this time. we have this build and that's the reason you'll see more build heading up toward silicon valley. >> several people are recovering after a car slammed into a restaurant in dublin.
6:53 am
several witnesses said they heard a boom and watched the car crash through the window. >> and the little girl came out screaming. i took them to the side, i was like everything is going to be okay. >> she was parked here. she wanted to back up. she thought she was on the reverse gear, but she was on the drive gear. she wanted to stop it and push the brake, but since she was nervous, she pushed the accelerator even harder. >> seven people were rushed to the hospital, including the driver. one person was seriously hurt. police aren't saying why the driver may have gotten confused. >> 6:53 right now, home sweet home. the field prepped, the lights are on, the anticipation is certainly mounting. in just a matter of hours the giants will take the field in front of a hometown crowd for the first time this world series. ♪ on the pontoon
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>> we're just feeling, i don't know, a little folksy this morning. little big town will sings national anthem. tomorrow it is the bay area's own carlos santana's turn. this man, long-time giants fan travis burke caught travis ichikawa's home run ball. >> and damien joins us from inside the ballpark. what a great place to be, damien. >> reporter: she sure is showing well. look at the sunrise behind the main scoreboard. this team is ready for game three of the world series this morning. first pitch is at 5:00. the giants come back to san
6:55 am
francisco limping a little bit. pitcher tim lincecum got hurt and we'll find out if he's ready to go or if the giants will have to make a roster move. unsure how or if manager bruce bochy will use him again. the spotlight is on tim hudson. the pitcher takes the mound tonight for the first time in a world series game. here's what tim hudson had to say about his first world series experience. >> you know, it's almost a sense of relief that it's finally here, that what i've hoped and dreamed for throughout my career is finally here and there's not going to be anybody on the field that's more ready than i am tomorrow night. >> reporter: now, we got here at 4:00 a.m. and the crews were already here getting the stadium ready for tonight's first pitch,
6:56 am
game three of the world series. what's going on outside the ballpark, let's go out to my colleague, stephanie chuang, who is at willie mays plaza. >> reporter: this is all about the fans. major league baseball says it has people authenticating memorabilia at major league parks all acrosses country, witnessing what comes off those bats and champagne bottles. the program started in 2001 after an fbi investigation dubbed operation bullpen determined 75% of signatures across the market of entertainment and sports were forgeries and now the mlb takes no chances. >> we have a marking system where we easily identify that baseball once it comes off the field. the fan is escorted to a secure
6:57 am
area, we check the baseball out and make sure it's the right baseball. >> reporter: the program does more than that, though. remember tim lincecum's no-hitter here at at&t park in june 2006? they have special bases and fans can bid on those bases and the proceeds go to charity, a charity program that helps bring inner city kids closer to baseball. we'll have more information on that on our web site, >> sounds good. >> here is the conundrum we find ourselves in. we know we need rain. we just don't want rain during game four of the world series. >> we're going to take a look at that. we could see a little bit of that maybe later on in the game. maybe we'll have the same outcome, we can only hope a
6:58 am
no-hitter coming up. we'll see clouds thickening ups a the game goes on but i think now it's game four. this is saturday that we'll have our best bet of seeing showers, warmer around the bay, cooler on the weekend. showers for game four and game five. we'll see the skies begin to clear. >> but not a washout? >> no, maybe just briefly delayed. >> so if you're lucky enough to go to the game, take a little slicker. >> or if you're lucky enough to watch the game hopefully. we have classes tonight for the kids. >> i'll watch it for you. >> there you go, i'll call laura. she'll live tweet it. if you're lucky enough to go to the game, you'll have traffic across the bay bridge. we're watching the earlier car fire that has cleared from the roadway, a crash around pleasant hill road. the rest of the commute was very smooth. watch levi's stadium, cal versus
6:59 am
oregon tonight as well. >> so many things going on. can't get enough of the orange and black? visit our web site, check out our slide show and show us your spirit. are you reacting to the baby? >> makes me want another baby. uh-oh, that's trouble. a check of today's top stories. a milpitas family is lucky to be alive this morning after their home caught fire overnight. the fire broke out around 3:00 a.m. and the family had to jump from the roof. >> several people recovering from injuries after a car smashed into a crowded restaurant in dublin during the dinner hour last night. the driver trying to reverse and instead went forward. >> a new york doctor in isolation after testing positive for ebola. he was in new guinea working
7:00 am
with doctors without borders. doctors say they're prepared. no cases here in california. >> a hearing on the ebola crisis. much more on what they're talking about later today. >> that's what's happening on "today in the bay." go giants! breaking overnight. ebola in new york city. a doctor who treated patients in africa diagnosed with the virus here. before being admitted to the hospital he used subways, took an uber car ride and even went bowling. did his alcohols put the public at risk? not enough parts. the new concern this morning tied to that massive air bag recall involving at least 8 million cars. "today" exclusive. you remember the shocking video. >> why did you shoot me? >> this morning, the man shot by a state trooper during a routine traffic stop is speaking out for the first time. and, awkward.


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